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Lectures resume

TEACHING - it is personal relationship between the teacher and students. The more  this process be comprised of sensitivity, that much it could have impelling force, It is GIVING . Teacher gives knoledgements with personal experiences, students their open heart, only the REAL touch gould make us better.

Beethoven 7 symphonie
Music - we percive music with our body. It was the highest art form in Ancient Creece. Musician was the God. Even plants
love it and start to grow faster.
Laws - we have to fallow them, it does'nt mean, we like them. Important to be kind and compassion, think positive. Japanese sentence - change yourself and everything else will change with you. Because we are living with zombies, killers, liers, thieves, injustice... We have conciousness and responsibility what happen to us. History knows bad and good examples. 
Temple - the place with concentrated energy . The place is important. Stonehenge, pyramide, tsicurate
Rituals - journey to another world. Syncronising activities, based on basic instincts, wich are similar by different people.

Music as a temple

Music harmonises...

Little temple.
Really beautiful instrument...
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